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Eligibility requirements of Confucius Institute Erfurt

 1.      Registration and acceptance

(1) The registration has to be done written, using the registration form on our website www.ki-erfurt.de. In exceptional cases the registration can be done in person at the Confucius Institute Erfurt.

(2) With the registration participants accept the eligibility requirements.


2.      Terms of payment

(1) After registration the student receives the invoice one week after the beginning of the course. The payment is to be made in cash or via bank transfer until the next course date.

(2) The definite course registration is only successful when the payment has been made.

(3) If the full payment has not been made in time, a spot in the course cannot be reserved.

(4) Subsequent registrations are possible, though the payment has to be made within seven days after registration.


3.      Course fees

(1) The following language courses, Chinese level A1, Chinese level A2, Chinese level B1 and Advanced Chinese, are free of charge for students. The student status has to be proven, in showing the student card in combination with the ID card to the responsible employee. All other course participants please make the payment on time to our bank account, as written on the invoice.

(2) Special culture courses held at the Confucius Institute differ in price from language courses.

(3) The offered courses differ in price, which can be consulted in our semi-annual program brochure as well as on our Confucius Institute Erfurt website (www.ki-erfurt.de).

(4) Bank charges associated with the payment of the course fee are borne by the course participant.


4.      Withdrawal from a contract

 (1) Before the beginning of the course participants can withdraw from the contract in writing at any time.  After the beginning of the course a written withdrawal is possible in individual cases. In the case of subsequent registrations there is no right of withdraw.

(2) In the case of non-participation or leaving the course no claim of refund of the paid course fee is applied. A credit of the missed course days as well as participation at another course time is not possible.


5.      Shift of Chinese language courses

 In the case of postponing a Chinese language class, this will be made up later in the semester after consultation with the teacher.


6.      Absence and examination

(1) The final grade in the language courses is composed of the appearance of the student and the written examination. Appearance is documented and needs to be signed every week by the student.

(2) A certificate can just be provided if the student did not miss class more than three times.


7.      Liability of the Confucius Institute

(1) The liability for personal and material damage is limited to deliberate action and gross negligence for the institute and its employees.

(2) The Confucius Institute and its employees are not liable for cancellation of its services due to force majeure, strike, negligent or other not reasonable circumstances.

(3) The Confucius Institute is not liable for the loss off clothes or valuables.


8.      Data protection

The course participant approves, that the Confucius Institute saves electronically and uses his data in terms of accomplishing the registration, the accounting and proficiency certificate.


9.      Applicable law, place of jurisdiction

(1) German law will be applicable to the contract.

(2) The place of jurisdiction is Erfurt.